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Such an inspiring podcast

I love listening to Carries wonderful voice, insightful questions and great guests

Inspired as a boss single mother

Lindsay, wow! Thank you for sharing your experience in such a moving way. You courage is inspiring.

Young Professional Finding Herself

The Hard Work and the Heart Work really do go hand in hand. I learned A LOT to say the least on this episode. Lindsay faced so much adversity but managed to come out on top. What is so inspirational is that it is never too late to start your journey and to live a purposeful life.


What a fantastic episode!

Dr. Christina Bjorndal ❤️

While you asked Christina for one takeaway at the end of the show, two stuck with me after this beautiful and heartwarming episode: 1) Movement is medicine; and 2) Surrender to love, both for yourself and others. Thank you for your wisdom.

Relevant, interesting and well done!

Carrie does her homework - guests are amazing and inspiring. The interview with Paulette Senior was especially inspiring and special. Carrie asks the questions I want to hear and gets to the importance of why each guest is uniquely special. Awesome podcast!

Fascinating interview

Dr Heit explains in easy-to-understand terms a non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea that gets to the root cause of the issue. Highly recommended listening if you or anyone you know suffers from this disease


Excellent new research. Very intriguing.

A Non-Surgical Cure for Sleep Apnea!!!

This is an amazing educational piece for anyone who suffers from so many common ailments we sometimes think are just “normal” or ailments we just have to live with. Snoring, dark circles under the eyes, high blood pressure, ADHD, crowded teeth and even bed wetting are just a few of the signs and symptoms that there may be a facial anatomy problem leading to sleep apnea. To learn there could a simple non-surgical cure that could improve the quality of life for so many could be truly life changing for millions!

Episode 130 - Dr. Heit

Thank you for your podcast with Dr. Tammarie Heit!!! Fantastic - amazing - information on an important subject that more people need to be hearing... Kudos!

Sleep apnea

Wow, the fact that there might be a simple solution this problem is amazing!!!

Important Sleep Apnea information

Thank you for sharing this important sleep apnea information. The more people that hear, the more we can help.

Life saving treatment!!!

Wonderful discussion and such an important treatment for dentists to learn!!

If you snore or know someone who does, you have to listen to this

There is a fix for the root of sleep disordered breathing and Dr Heit explains it perfectly. It works beautifully for children, but for adults, this technique can be life changing. Thank you for talking about this on your podcast!!

Great Information and Engaging Interview!

This was a very interesting topic! Lots of impactful information presented in a easy to understand and engaging manner! I loved how Carrie interacted with Dr. Heit! Very exciting to hear them talking about new and better ways that can help people breathe and sleep better!

Episode #130

Dr Tammarie Heit does a terrific job explaining the dangers of sleep apnea and speed disordered breathing. She relates it to poor structural development and lets us know that there is hope for resolution. Very well said!!


The information shared by Dr. Tammarie Heit is life changing. Carrie, thank you for bringing this important knowledge to the conversation. So important!

Excellent POD cast

I recently listened to the POD cast with Dr. Tammarie Height, and it was a big eye opener! I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Thank you!

raw and relatable

Not only are these #storieswelltold, they are raw, relevant and relatable. Carrie’s podcast demonstrates that we all have a story to share that is full of wisdom and inspiration. Carrie’s gifts shine through in her ability to actively listen to her guests and create a safe space for them to “go there” knowing they are heard and respected. I have learned so much from these stories. I am thrilled to be part of “The Inner Circle”! Thank you!

Beautifully Authentic, Relaxed & Real

I have been listening to podcasts within all different kinds of genres for years now and while I do quite enjoy most of them, I’ve NEVER felt compelled to write a review for one (I actually had to google where/how one would leave a review, terrible!). For some reason, Carrie Doll’s Inner Circle podcast - after listening to just two episodes - seems different to me than all the rest. There is something oddly peaceful and beautiful about her podcasts and communication style as she manages to provide the listener with new information but does so in a manner that truly seems to have no ulterior motive other than simple “goodness”. She is not selling anything or promoting certain ideas and getting lost in the political weeds, or trying to dissect how a company came to life; she is just having what I can only describe as one of the most pure and genuine conversations with her guests that reveal so much than what we typically get in other podcasts. I just felt her podcast (specifically the one with Jennifer Coll) was one of the most honest and pleasant conversations I’ve come across in a long time, if ever, so thank your for bringing something not only special but GOOD to the table the stands out in a big way without trying to hard at all 🧡

Carrie was born to do this...

...and she’s been interviewing people and telling stories at the highest level for over 20 years. The Inner Circle is not to be missed. I recommend anyone to simply click on a random episode and give it a listen. Carrie subscribed to the belief that we ALL have a story and it’s worth being told. Each of these episodes let’s you into the life lessons of the featured guests. This is such a gift. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world.

Real, Passionate, and a world class interviewer!

Carrie is the real deal, and has an incredible story and mission. Not only that, she’s a consummate professional, and one of the best interviewers I’ve listened to on any podcast - EVER! She takes time to listen and asks the questions everyone wants to hear! You can tell by listening to her that she is a kind and genuine person who’s interested in her guests as well as giving her audience the courage to share their stories and be heard. An inspirational soul beaming with great energy, I’m stoked that I found Carrie’s podcast. 🙏🏻

Brave and Inspiring!!

Carrie is a force! Genuine and authentic - her words captivate and engage. Bravo for living your purpose and sharing these experiences with us. I am happy to come along and be apart of something special....the "Inner Circle"!

Truly “Stories Well Told”

Carrie has lots of gifts - but the one that jumps out is her emotional honesty. She is open and earnest and generous which means she makes an immediate connection with the audience. Worth your time!

New one to subscribe to!

Looking forward to more of these! Real, authentic and vulnerable conversations.

Amazing. Raw. Empowering!

I have listened to many podcasts around entrepreneurship, and specifically women in business, but none of them are able to tell a story quite like Carrie. She is captivating to listen to and so incredibly genuine and able to connect with each women she interviews, all while answering all the questions her listeners have! Always looked up to her as a broadcaster, but story telling is her god given talent! This is a MUST for all women, and men! :)

Excllent content. Very professional.

You can tell Carrie has a lot of experience as an interviewer and public speaker. Nicely done.

One of the best out there.

Keep an eye on Carrie, she will top the charts soon. Real, authentic and out to make a difference.