June 25, 2019

Sharing the Power of Recovery with Joel Gotlib

Sharing the Power of Recovery with Joel Gotlib

Carrie sits down today with a friend and longtime former colleague Joel Gotlib. Joel demonstrates big time courage, vulnerability, and character by describing his recovery from a 7 year battle with opioids. Joel explains his personal story on how he started taking them, how he got addicted, and the ways in which it took a grip on everything in his life. He then shares how he found treatment and how we can recognize the symptoms and help others who are going through such a profound and unfortunately now growing crisis. Joel has a way of adding humor and wit into everything he does, and this week’s episode is no different. 

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Joel was an anchor and reporter with CTV, and was a well known public figure who many thoughts had it all together. 
  • No one knew Joel was dealing with addiction and so much pain, even those working with him closely. 
  • How it began in 2011 with a sciatica attack while walking his dog, and went home with Percocet. 
  • The tolerance Joel built up for his pain meds, and the sense of euphoria and focus it gave him furthered the addiction, yet caused a slow and steady decline. 
  • How Joe’s family and personal life began falling apart, and he began to feel more disconnected and discouraged than ever. 
  • His emotions from a series of floors falling out from underneath him, including an online stalker and being taken off the CTV anchor desk and assigned to the new role of a reporter. 
  • When Joel really hit rock bottom, and how his psychiatrist brother helped him realize his only option at that point was attending rehab. 
  • How Joel went from wanting to leave the rehab center after the first stay to sticking it through, getting clean, and even becoming a co-captain to help others. 
  • The new passion that has emerged in Joel to share his story to help other addicts and their loved ones in their journey. 
  • Why we should focus on compassion and caring with addiction rather than blame and shame.


  • “Don’t resort to Percocet. I’m sorry. It’s addicting and it’s ruining lives.” 
  • “When you are an anchor you don’t just sit and read the news. It’s a hard job, but one of the best jobs in the world to have.” 
  • “There’s no coming out the opposite side. You have to climb back up.” 
  • “I took Percocet all the way to the rehab center.” 
  • “You can’t surrender to the program unless you come clean on everything.” 
  • “I have long admired people that have gone to rehab to come out and live a better life.” 
  • “I have a story to tell and it’s important to share it. And that’s why.” 


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