May 26, 2020

The Power of a Psychic Connection with Diane Quartly

The Power of a Psychic Connection with Diane Quartly

Diane Quartly is an energy worker who used her incredible psychic abilities to move beyond grief.  Her son was run over and killed by her best friend and Diane talks about how she moved from anger to peace through an incredible journey.

Her book “About a Blue Angel” speaks about tragedy and her ability to move through the most difficult period in her life

Diane now facilitates energy workshops and uses her powerful psychic connection in her spirit and soul coaching sessions. She is a positive and knowledgeable Medium who taps into the energy and vibrations of loved ones who have crossed over. 

From a student to a guest, I want to welcome Diane Quartly to The Inner Circle.

Let's dig in!


  • 9:52 - We begin with Diane's impactful story, what life was back before tragedy hit her family, the disastrous event, and the incredible gift she was given.
  • 27:57 - After such a tragedy and having a last moment with her child, Diane went through a lot of emotions, and people reacted in many ways, reaching out to help her and giving a lot of support.
  • 33:00 - After the tragedy, her relationship with her best friend wasn't going to be the same. Diane talks about her reaction and what happened to them.
  • 36:53 - The unbelievable loss opened an unbelievable door for Diane; she was aware of the ability, so she started learning about it.
  • 40:31 - Diane embraced her ability, and it became her passion and her career. She describes how she became an energy worker with credibility in the public's eyes and her answer to anyone who thinks her work is false.
  • 44:30 - She gives us a glimpse into her world, describing what does she see and feels, how she can tap into different types of energies, and tune in to interpret others' energy.
  • 52:21 - Diane gives her perspective about the current COVID situation, and the energetic shift she and others felt was going to happen.


  • "We were living life, doing our thing, and having a happy little family."
  • "We're always looking for the next great thing to do and be passionate about."
  • "It was a disaster."
  • "It wasn't until that very moment that I felt and really knew the differences between the spiritual and physical body."
  • "You go through these emotions where you're thankful for the love; you're feeling the love and support, and you're grateful."
  • "Give me some time to breathe here."
  • "I could see steps ahead."
  • "It's just was who I was, and it didn't scare me."
  • "It solidified to me that I was something that not everybody could do."
  • "Where can we go we this."


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