Aug. 19, 2021

This Is 50!

This Is 50!

On this very special bonus episode of The Inner Circle, I have some things to share with you. It's my 50th birthday! I’ve completed another trip around the sun and as I do, it’s time for me to embrace a new decade. Friends.. this is 50! 

I compiled 10 lessons from my 5 decades on Earth to share with you all. Here are some things I know now that I may not have known then. 

Ten Lessons from Carrie Doll: 

  1. Age is Just a Number
  2. Your Health is Your Wealth; Treat Your Body With Respect
  3. Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  4. Communication is Our Most Important Skill: Talk About the Tough Stuff
  5. Judgement is a relationship Killer
  6. Time is Our Most Precious Commodity
  7. Are You Living Your Passion?
  8. Education Comes in All different Forms
  9. Practice Gratitude
  10. Tell People You Love Them 

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