Nov. 24, 2021

The Return of Matty Staudt

We had Matty Staudt back on the show in September of 2019 and he was heading up Jam Street Media after leaving iHeart as the head of podcasting.

In that episode we talked about his early podcast career with dates back to stitcher in 2008, how he produced the G. Gordon Liddy show, and played the hits on great radio stations across America… since then he has been building some of the best branded podcasts out there. and then came the news that jam street had been acquired by Amaze Media Labs. Cool! Matty is now the Chief Development Officer there and we caught up with him to talk about our two favourite subjects…. podcast and broadcast. this show was recorded using Streamyard and there’s a video version for those who like to consume their podcasts that way.

Check out some of the great stuff happening at Amaze Media Labs here.

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