Oct. 4, 2022

Notions of the Ocean in Motion

Notions of the Ocean in Motion

*Sensitivity Alert

Alexandra and Anna embrace September being Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Anna spent a good chunk of September in 6th grade classrooms piloting a suicide prevention curriculum. It used to be that we would pack a bag and make a plan to run away. These days, kids tend to go straight to expressing they don't want to live anymore. Alexandra put out her first Instagram reel sharing that prevention really needs to start earlier and with teaching kids and adults that emoting is okay, even if it feels awful. Alexandra is also excited to announce the launching of her new digital course to help people work through messages and projections we take on as children so they can start trusting themselves again. Life is often considered linear but it is more like an ocean. The predictability comes in trusting ourselves that we can handle whatever life hands us. Her course- the Forward to Joy Masterclass is a tool to help people navigate the sludge or cobwebs we take on that prevent us from truly trusting ourselves. Reach out with any questions or for more info.

Check out Alexandra’s Insta Reel: @forwardtojoy

Forward to Joy Masterclass: https://forwardtojoy.teachable.com/p/forward-to-joy-masterclass

Reach out to Anna and Alexandra:



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