Oct. 18, 2022

Weddings, Dates and Vodka, Oh My!

Weddings, Dates and Vodka, Oh My!

This week, Alexandra is full of some random experiences! She found a rotten potato and warns about mowing the lawn when it is wet. She also shares how Russian Standard vodka may be boycotted because of the word Russian but don’t fret, any other Russian vodka is available because people don’t know the difference. Anna says goodbye to her Ukrainian student who finally gets to go home. Alexandra shares about her experience helping an event planner set up a wedding and the big news: Alexandra goes on her first date since Shawn has passed. Stay tuned for more excitement and enjoy the STW joke of the day!

Check out Forwardtojoy.com for more information on Alexandra’s book- The Suicide Club: What to do When Someone You Love Chooses DeathReach out to Anna and Alexandra:



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