Dec. 8, 2021

45: Bust through the Shame and Live a Happier Life with Dr. Shawn Horn

45: Bust through the Shame and Live a Happier Life with Dr. Shawn Horn

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Beneath all of our fear, anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing and lack of self-worth lies the same thing – Shame. In today’s episode, Liza is BUSTING through shame with the shame-busting psychologist herself, Dr. Shawn Horn. Dr. Shawn is a psychologist, TEDx speaker, columnist, TV host, host of the Inspired Living podcast, and founder of the Inspired Living School, an online resource supporting your healing journey. Together, they unpack Shame. Dr. Shawn clearly defines shame, reveals the various types of shame, explains how our nervous system responds to shame, and reveals how we can modify our parenting to raise our children with less share and more compassion. This episode is especially helpful for all of us who are raising neurodivergent kids (ADHD, ADD, Learning differences, 2e) as these kiddos may feel a tremendous amount of shame in school. Take notes, this conversation is packed with so much love, insight, tools, and advice you might need to listen to it twice.

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Connect with Liza’s Guest, Dr. Shawn Horn.

Dr. Shawn Horn is a psychologist, TEDx Speaker, columnist, TV host, podcaster and founder of INSPIRED LIVING SCHOOL, an online resource supporting your healing journey. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington State where she has a successful private practice and serves as faculty and clinical supervisor at the University of Washington's Medical School. With over two decades of experience in the mental health field she is now bringing the wisdom of the therapy room to larger audiences. As a shame expert, Dr. Shawn helps us to decode shame so we can stop the shame game and attain emotional sobriety!  She is excited to present the Neuroscience of Shame at TEDx Spokane. Her mission is to bust through shame, ignite hope and inspire wholehearted living!   Her motto is, “Transform from the person you were programmed to be into the person you were designed to be.”

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