May 4, 2022

53: Here’s How to Break Free of The Suffering and Co-Create Your New Life

53: Here’s How to Break Free of The Suffering and Co-Create Your New Life

Are you stuck in a loop of pain and suffering? Liza’s guest today will ignite you and inspire you to break through these dark cycles and ultimately heal. Bianca Crino overcame Lyme, co-infections, mold exposure and mast cell activation syndrome. Once she lost her ability to walk, she was finally determined to end her suffering. She identified several Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) as significant factors in creating her chronic illness and began to go within. She also shares her mindset on the purpose of polarity, which gave her life deeper meaning as she continued her healing lifestyle. Be ready to let go of self-judgment and offer more self-compassion. Learn how to do this through Bianca’s Holistic Way.  Grateful for our Sponsor!

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Meet Liza’s Guest, Bianca Crino

Healing Chronic illness, my inner child, my mindset and all energy systems in my body all lead me to live a life of abundance and now I want to share that with the world.

I remind people of their inner power and guide them to the root cause of all, looking at all parts of the mind body and spirit

You can have it all beautiful soul!

Health, mindset, inner child & reiki practitioner

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