June 15, 2022

56: Can A Strep Infection Cause OCD? One Mother Shares Her Son’s Story

56: Can A Strep Infection Cause OCD? One Mother Shares Her Son’s Story

What if a common infection like strep turned your whole world upside down? What if this infection hijacked your child right before your eyes and left him with OCD, Tourette Syndrome and uncontrollable fits? This is the story of Beth Alison Maloney’s son and she shares it in this episode. Confined to their home by the horror of her son’s illness, a lifelong placement seemed his likely fate — until Beth learned that a strep infection might be the cause (a disorder known as PANDAS) Most doctors said she was wrong; but she was right, and two doctors helped cure him. He is now fully recovered. Listen to Beth’s story and learn the symptoms, treatment and how best to navigate through this complex condition.

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Saving Sammy

Childhood Interrupted

Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System 

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