Nov. 7, 2022

Erin Davis: Laugh It Off

Erin Davis: Laugh It Off

Sarah Burke speaks to former CHFI broadcaster turned author and podcaster Erin Davis.

My next guest is a Canadian music and broadcast industry Hall of Famer, an author, a podcaster, and someone who woke up Toronto for THIRTY years of her life on the CHFI Morning show. Erin. Friggin. Davis.

The beautiful thing about Erin Davis is her name floats through so many generations, broadcasting and otherwise. My Mom and Dad know her name. My colleagues know her name. Future broadcasters know her name. When Erin Davis was faced with mourning the loss of her daughter Lauren in 2015 in a very public way, Toronto mourned with her. Broadcasting colleagues across the country mourned with her. She bravely shared what her family was going through on and off the air. At a certain point, broadcasting took a back seat and it was time to move across the country and find peace.

Erin now resides near Victoria, BC with her long-suffering husband Rob (or so she jokes). It's from there that she hosts the podcast Real Time for the Canadian Real Estate Association, a second podcast for and about seniors called Elder Wisdom: Stories from the Green Bench, and her (literal) dream project: Drift with Erin Davis, sleep stories gently told that currently rank in the top 1.5% of podcast downloads worldwide. You’ll hear her speak about all of these projects during this episode.

Erin loves to write and shoot weekly video blogs at, keeps an annoyingly active social media presence, does freelance voice work and – most rewardingly – enjoys emceeing as well as sharing her keynote message of hope after tragedy based on her Globe & Mail bestselling memoir Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy, published by HarperCollins Canada.

She sleeps a lot more now, and highly recommends it...wait, are these wise words? Although I never had a conversation with her before this recording (it was actually recorded before she was a guest on the Jann Arden podcast I’ve been co-hosting earlier this fall), I found her SO easy to speak to and so very inspiring. She also happens to be best friends with Lisa Brandt who is another FANTASTIC guest I’ve had the pleasure to speak with and if you get them in a room or even e-mail thread together, you won’t be able to stop laughing. Please check out Lisa’s episode too!

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