May 8, 2022

[happy] Mother's Day

[happy] Mother's Day

Listeners send in questions and comments about women who work in the media for Mother’s Day. Host Sarah Burke shares conversations with former guests surrounding motherhood, maternity leave, infertility, and work-life balance.

Happy Mother’s Day...seems easy enough to say this time of year, but this year, it comes with a whole lot more emotion.

There is an ongoing international discussion surrounding a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m disgusted. I’m disappointed. Why are we still defending a woman’s right to choose what she does with HER body? We’re going to have to get into this on a future episode, and please stay tuned in the coming weeks for a guest that will help us dig into this topic appropriately. For now, this episode celebrates a woman’s right to CHOOSE.

If there’s anything I’ve learned while doing this podcast, it’s that every woman has their own story. Their own priorities. Their own triggers. While having a family isn’t part of everyone’s story, it’s a beautiful part of many stories that have been told here. I admire all the women who basically have two full time jobs, raising children while chasing their dreams. Some of these stories are traumatic, and some of them are up-lifting. My guests often share stories about their own mothers, too; some of whom are no longer with us. One thing I want you to keep in mind, is how many former guests on this podcast DIDN’T share their stories because they are too painful. Silent struggles are everywhere and we need to be more aware of this.

In this episode, you’ll hear the voices of women whose mothers have inspired their careers, women raising children while working in media, and women who ache because they can’t. I’d like to dedicate this episode to my mom, who did the unthinkable in raising me. There is no greater gift than you believing in me and everything I do. As much as I try to incorporate her into my podcasting, radio show or anything else, she prefers to leave this kinda stuff to me. Love you, Mom. 

Thank you if you submitted a question or comment about motherhood in the media; let’s celebrate motherhood and a woman’s right to choose by revisiting some former episodes and some great conversations.

This got me thinking about matriarchy; A Matriarch is defined as a woman who is the head of a family or tribe or an elder within a family organization. While it’s common to assume it’s someone who birthed a child…we can also think about this from a female leadership perspective. 

Happy Mothers Day to those celebrating, big love to those hurting, and hell yeah to those fighting for our right to choose.