April 11, 2022

Keziah Myers: ADVANCE the Conversation

Keziah Myers: ADVANCE the Conversation

Keziah Myers is the Executive Director of ADVANCE; Canada’s Black Music Business Collective.

Keziah and I had only been in touch for a few months kicking some ideas around about how to elevate Black voices in the music industry when I resigned from my role at SiriusXM. While it feels like we were meant to connect and had some great conversations about the state of the music industry; I really wanted to speak to her about her participation in the recently published 'Closing the Gap' report about the impact and representation of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour Live Music Workers in Canada. 

Read more about the report here: https://www.canadianlivemusic.ca/closing-the-gap 

Keziah Myers believes in the skills and uniqueness of this country and knows that there is so much talent yet to be discovered. Currently as the Executive Director of ADVANCE - Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, Keziah’s main role is to advocate for the betterment, upliftment, and retention of Black Talent within the music industry. Leading this organization, Keziah focuses on changing processes, creating opportunities, and providing resources to ADVANCE members, and music industry organizations. Prior to ADVANCE, Keziah led music licensing initiatives at Entandem and the A&R Operations at SOCAN, where she was instrumental in ensuring diverse hiring, updating internal systems, improving operations, and enabling all offices to better serve 150 000 members. Additionally, Keziah has held positions in Label Operations Management and Publicity. She has also sat on Entertainment & Music Organization Boards, adjudicated as part of FACTOR and JUNO juries, and is a regular guest presenter for Art-Focused programs, colleges, universities and high schools.

As a part of a major music movement in Canada, Keziah has taken opportunities to stay involved, advise, volunteer, educate, and advocate. Her passion for people has afforded her the opportunity to be able to live on 3 continents, and travel to over 30 countries. Keziah has worked with countless artists and music creators. Along the way she has worked with Drake, Maroon 5, Kim Davis, DSVN, Boi 1da, and many more. Keziah currently works on advisory committees, and juries for MusiCounts, FACTOR, The JUNO Awards, and the SOCAN Foundation.

Find out more about ADVANCE: https://www.advancemusic.org/

AMPED 2022 (ADVANCE Music Professional Entertainment Dialogues)

This professional development conference will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia June 3rd & 4th with a focus on professional development, music industry careers, funding opportunities, and the celebration of the community and Black music.The goal is to level up the community, providing tools that they need to build capacity and growth within the industry.


ADVANCE x JUNO Talks - Influential Black Women in Music, May 12 (4:00pm)

An all-star line up of Black women who have worked in the music industry. This event will include a JUNO nominated performer and artifacts from Hip Hop over the years (shared by Master T). Register HERE.

The Rap Committee Brunch - Powered By ADVANCE; Presented by AMAZON, May 14

A RocNation Inspired Brunch where invitees will be past and present Rap nominees, and those who helped them reach success in their careers. Emphasis on youth attendance, VIP/invite only

In this episode, Keziah nominates Kadon Douglas, Executive Director of BIPOC Film & TV, Jamelia Campbell of The Orchard, and Vivian Barclay, GM at Warner Chappell Music Canada to come on the Women in Media Podcast in the future! A special shout-out to Morgan James who is indeed a Black country music programmer at NOW Country 104.7 in Winnipeg; you'll hear Keziah & I wondering if there was a black individual programming country music in Canada.

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