Oct. 24, 2022

Kristen Smith: Side Effects

Kristen Smith: Side Effects

A conversation with Kristen Smith; wife to country star Dallas Smith.

I wanted a different perspective from the music industry; my next guest is Kristen Smith, wife of country star Dallas Smith. Kristen was an actor and singer in the past, but her current spotlight is a bit of a Side Effect. Her husband is arguably the biggest country artist in Canada. She handles the fame and attention with such care for her family and finds a way to surround herself with the right people. She's even embraced her platforms, finding ways to bring conversations about body image and mental health into our feeds.

Kristen tells me the hilarious story of how hating Dallas’ band Default somehow lead her to falling in love, how she wants to raise her children and how they handle fame as a family.

Kristen is currently a permanent makeup artist in Surrey, B.C. She does brow micro-blading and scalp micro pigmentation and you can find her info at https://www.pokeandstroke.ca/ and follow her work over on Instagram @shootermcgavINK.

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