Feb. 6, 2023

Robyn Stewart of Women in Music Canada

Robyn Stewart of Women in Music Canada

Sarah Burke speaks with Robyn Stewart, a 20-year music industry veteran who is currently the Executive Director of Women in Music Canada.

Robyn Stewart is a 20-year music industry veteran, accomplished organization and event director, and is currently the Executive Director of Women in Music Canada. Her experience reaches all areas of event management and talent buying, with strong skills in financial management, complex logistics, government relations and fund development. Among the projects she is most proud of are; Executive Director of Western Canadian Music Alliance, Celebration Sites Manager; Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2010, Entertainment Buyer; PanAmerican Games 2015, and her current roles above. Her mission is to support developing artists and engage in passion projects including working towards gender parity in the music industry on an international level. As a board member and one of two official festival partners with KeyChange, a gender balance initiative in Canada, Robyn is a key contributor to projects forwarding the advancement of underrepresented genders in music.

About Women in Music Canada

Women in Music Canada (WIMC) is a registered non-profit organization and one of the largest music industry associations in Canada. The organization is dedicated to fostering gender equality in the music industry through the support and advancement of female identifying professionals and creatives at every stage of their career. The goal is to strengthen the social-economic balance of the music industry by providing professional development, support and resources for our community. Women in Music hosts educational, career development and networking events alongside broader programming initiatives, industry engagement, research and advocacy to serve the needs of our diverse community. Our panels, seminars, webinars, workshops and performance serve to educate, empower, and celebrate female contributions to the music world, and strengthen community ties.


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Find out more about Robyn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robyn-stewart-b9b0274/

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