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My favorite writing themed podcast

Andrea and Allison are like my sisters from other misters. I feel like listening to them co-lead their show is like listening to the smartest, funniest, most neurotic (that’s a compliment) members of my family at a holiday dinner. If what was discussed around the table was show don’t tell, voice, humor, pacing....instead of who found the best price per pound on avocados. Almost the same thing.

I love hearing the stories the students in the class read. They are without exception raw, real, honest and well written. The feedback Allison and Andrea give is both helpful and insightful.

I only wish the show came out more often. I end up listening to each episode twice, even three times, to feed my habit, which is probably a bit compulsive.

So please produce more episodes so that I can avoid developing yet another habit I’ll end up discussing in therapy.

Love the show.

Oct. 15, 2018 by rhythm121966 on Apple Podcasts

writing class radio