Dec. 29, 2022

163: Glenn Milchem of Blue Rodeo

163: Glenn Milchem of Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem is Jeff's special guest with stories about a life in music plus with guitar in hand he plays live, 2 original songs.

Glenn Milchem is best known as the drummer for the some 2000 concerts performed, and four million albums sold by Blue Rodeo, and he's also performed behind everyone from Big Sugar to Ian Thornley, Ian Blurton, Andy Curran, Art Bergman, and @joansmithandthejanedoes and @mrpharmacist

For Glenn's first visit to Records & Rockstars, he comes armed with a vintage Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar and does a couple of his own original songs!

Plus conversation finds Glenn telling stories about when he first knew he wanted to be a musician, why he chose drums, the one “straight job” he took on for a minute, plus the bands he's moonlighting with, as he names what he calls one of the greatest drumming records of all time, and speaks to Blue Rodeo's inductions, and songs, and current lineup, plus his love for The Sadies and for the dearly departed Dallas Good, and so much more.  

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