Feb. 16, 2023

168: The Evolution of "Classic" Rock Part 1

168: The Evolution of

Jeff takes on the task of telling the story of how rock was born, in the first of a four-part on the evolution of "classic rock", beginning with "The Fifties" (and well before).

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Truth be told, radio helped, through its too-tight playlists, all but ruin the format, turned genre, "Classic Rock". And that's where the former iteration of Records & Rockstars came in. It was 2001 we created "The Legends of Classic Rock", designed to go deeper musically, and tell the stories behind the music. 22 years later, the series continues, with records we came to love and the stories around the artists who made 'em. And so comes the first in this four-part series, condensing decade by decade, how rock would evolve, beginning in Part 1 with the birth of the baby born of the blues, called Rock 'N' Roll. We think you'll enjoy this 25 minute podcast version of the weekly radio show. I mean, who spends two days cooking up a 25 minute podcast? Woods does. Weirdo. In a good way. Here's how he sounds with a wicked head cold.

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