Dec. 29, 2020

A Perfect Nightmare: Karen Gosbee’s Glittering Marriage and How It Almost Took Her Life

A Perfect Nightmare: Karen Gosbee’s Glittering Marriage and How It Almost Took Her Life
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Karen Gosbee is an author, advocate against domestic violence, and mother who has been through the full spectrum of life's hardships. She had it all: the successful husband, beautiful kids, big house and a white Range Rover; filling her days with grocery shopping, exercising, gossiping over coffees, shepherding children to and from their after-school activities, all the while looking enviably at her peers. 

And then she realized she was the only healthy mentor her children had. She had to be the best she could be to give them self-regulation, especially living with a family member that has mental illness and addiction. Living in constant fear.

When Karen's husband passed from suicide, she came forward to tell her story hoping it would encourage others to tell their own. As she shared her story, she realized she was caught up in intimate partner terrorism and had absolutely no idea. Education drove her to amplify awareness of mental health and illness, addiction, intimate partner terrorism, gender inequities, all inequities and the unwarranted variations of care in health, education, justice, social sector etc. depending on who you are and where you come from.

Karen's bravery and tenacity is almost unfathomable. Her resilience after a life filled with abuse is awe-striking. She is a force, who is dedicated to sharing her story so more people can prepare themselves for red flags and take precautions when dealing with an abusive situation. 

For more on Karen's journey, how to purchase her book, and more, visit her website.

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