April 14, 2020

Crisis Management during COVID-19 Perspective with former Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Health Minister Anne McLellan

Crisis Management during COVID-19 Perspective with former Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Health Minister Anne McLellan

From economies collapsing to not being able to spend time with your family, friends or colleagues; the crisis created by COVID-19 is precarious, it doesn't seem to have a near end, and it is creating a lot of questions along its path. 

Lucky for us, today we have a full female powerhouse capable of delivering the answers we so desperately need. 

She was the 9th Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and a remarkable woman who is still fiercely plugged-in to the workings of the Government.

...She extraordinarily knows what she talks about.

It's an honor to have Anne McLellan joining us at The Inner Circle, where we'll dive deep all things related to COVID-19, the world as it exists today, how will we come out of it, and the role of Government guiding us through it all.

Let's start with it!


  • 16:53 - We start with Anne's perspective on the COVID crisis and the impact it is having on the world, and what she would compare it to.
  • 20:48 - She talks of the pressure the Government and the systems have to give an accurate solution, and what they are doing to reduce the impact.
  • 28:00 - Anne opines about the criticism that the Government is receiving for how they are handling the crisis and the measures used to control the infected.
  • 39:35 - With the virus mutating, it could mean that the infection could be in our lives for the next few years. Anne describes how the world pos-COVID could look like, and how we will have to evolve.
  • 45:53 - We compare and analyze the Canadian response vs the American response to COVID-19.
  • 53:52 - When the US-Canada border was shut down, it was a rude awakening for us about the intensity of the situation. Anne describes what will it take ––and when–– to reopen it.
  • 58:46 - The airline business is one industry that is being tremendously impacted; we explore what their reality may look like during this emergency.
  • 1:03:36 - The oil market is another industry suffering because of the crisis. Anne explains what it means to Canada that an oil barrel that costs 25 dollars –or less–.
  • 1:11:23 - Anne comment on how will the world crisis change how we do work, and if there is any good coming from this situation.


  • "This is a new experience for almost all of us."
  • "It is pretty frightening when all a sudden, you don't have any customers."
  • "To the people who'd been laid off, how do we get them enough resources."
  • "We all need to pull together; this is about doing what we can all do in the best interest of all Canadians."
  • "We have a social responsibility to each other, to keep each other safe."
  • "To the people who are angry, it is actually all up to us, if we social distance, if we do what we are being asked to do, we will get through this a lot faster."
  • "We are only as strong as the weakest link when it's an infectious disease."
  • "People will be just a little skeptical about whether they want to take this chance with their health."
  • "Technology will drive what the new industries look like."
  • "After the crisis, ...we need to be careful with self-isolation."
  • "I hope this doesn't make us more distant from our neighbors."
  • "Human beings are amazingly resilient."


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