Nov. 5, 2020

Bryan Barletta: Ad Tech 101

Bryan Barletta: Ad Tech 101

Bryan Barletta from Sounds Profitable talks ad tech, privacy and podcast. Radio people should hear how audio is being monetized in 2020.

When I started this podcast in 2016, it was as simple as uploading audio to Soundcloud. Then I saw what tech offered and I was hooked. Dynamic ad insertion opened up a world of possibilities as we could increase our ad inventory by selling spots tailored to regions. Ad tech has come a long way in the last few years, and I reached out to Bryan Barletta to give me a crash course in ad tech. He helps companies at their formative stages build up and effectively execute on their solutions in mobile rich media, digital/podcast attribution, and podcast monetization & data infrastructure. 

On the heels of me Sounding Off about radio diaries, some ideas about how to count and monetize your audio.

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Bryan also referenced his latest work which you can find here. It discusses transcription and context.

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