May 1, 2021

Fred Jacobs' Tech Survey: Pandemic Edition

Fred Jacobs' Tech Survey: Pandemic Edition

Matt speaks to Fred Jacobs from Jacobs Media about Tech Survey 2021

Tech Survey has been an annual study by Jacobs Media since 2005. But 2021 will be one for the ages. Completed during a pandemic, Tech Survey 2021 tells the radio story of what happened to our radio listeners when Work from home, Zoom, masks, no travel, and a politically charged internet took hold. Originally, this was going to be a discussion about radio one year into the pandemic but how much better is that discussion with data?

In this episode, you'll learn how P1 radio listeners' habits changed in the pandemic, what in car listening looks like, and how the Consumer Electronic Show transpired online.

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We also talked about the challenges of writing a daily blog in the pandemic, and feel free to register for the daily blog when you register for the webinar.

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