April 10, 2017

The Wild & Crazy Radio Life of J.C. Douglas

The Wild & Crazy Radio Life of J.C. Douglas

It takes a whole conversation with J.C. Douglas to realize that the journey lies somewhere between the Grateful Dead's "Truckin'" (What a Long Strange Trip it's been...) and Motley Crue's Wild Side. From the early days at Q104, to nearly 30 years at the station - and now at long-time rival C100. His durability on air is a result of hard work, learning and knowing the brand of your station. I know that sounds hoaky but if you're gonna rock, you had better rock; if you want to attract females on a heritage morning show, you need to make a few subtle changes. I have always loved Halifax and full disclousre, I worked in Nova Scotia for 4 years and spent many afternoons listening to JC Douglas and Andrew Gillis on the Mighty Q. Recently I took a trip back and heard JC Douglas on C100 - and thought there is no better person to tell Haligonian Radio Tales than JC. (I think I should trademark that)

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