Aug. 24, 2019

Ryan Wrecker: So How Was Podcast Movement?

Ryan Wrecker: So How Was Podcast Movement?

Ryan Wrecker from KMOX-AM in St. Louis asks Matt about his time at Podcast Movement in Orlando.

Ryan Wrecker sent me a message earlier this week asking about my take aways from Podcast Movement which took place earlier this month in Orlando. In this episode we talk about where the podcast industry is headed and how radio is finding its way into it. We talk honestly and openly about where its all going and how radio is coping with it all.

I also included a link to Ryan's interview with John O'Connor who talked about the media coverage of the Watergate Scandal back in the 70's.

I made mention of Bryan Orr's HVAC School and his podcast (if you are interested in HVAC and Refrigeration) is located here.

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