April 14, 2020

Steve Reynolds: Coaching Through Crisis

Steve Reynolds: Coaching Through Crisis

Steve Reynolds is a radio talent coach and has been working from home long enough to share his wisdom to radio people about how it's done.

There I was flipping through Facebook and seeing Steve Reynolds comment about hearing something he felt was out of place on the radio in the era of COVID-19. This is not to be confused with the non-COVID comments about Sirius Yacht Rock playing a lot of crappy B-Sides on their channel. (He's right. No one wants to hear B-Grade Little River Band song. Ever. With so many radio people and radio shows in flux Steve is good person to bring on right now to talk about our new surroundings.

We also got into some great discussions on the role of social media and how important it is "go live" more than ever. Also this might be a time to adjust your personal brand rather than doubling down on the emotions that may not matter to many people right now. And what happens when the two or three person morning show starts to struggle with the "at home" dynamics that have been put upon them?

FREE! Inside this podcast Steve offers up a free promo idea for your radio station. It's like a prize in the Cracker Jacks box!

Bonus material:

Steve made mention of a great bit from Hawkeye & Katelyn at KSCS in Dallas featuring Sam Hunt and his wife buying a bidet.

Also Steve said he was feeling the "weight" from staying home. Here's a podcast episode you might want to check out if you're feeling heavy. Lianne Laing and Eliza Kingsford talk about managing your Quarint-eating.

Finally, if you have any drink recipes for Steve, please e-mail him. He is not a cocktail kinda guy generally, but he has the time to see what all the fuss is about. Personally, I think a caesar is a good drink before a carnivorous meal. All the ingredients on the page are fair game - My favourite magical ingredient is HP Sauce.

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