Jan. 19, 2022

49: Laughing Out Lyme and Choosing Happiness with Best Selling Author Christa Nannos

49: Laughing Out Lyme and Choosing Happiness with Best Selling Author Christa Nannos

Tick Tock, It’s Lyme O’Clock! In this episode, Liza interviews Best Selling Author Christa Nannos. Christa Nannos is an actor, author, and advocate for those living with invisible illnesses. Having been misdiagnosed for over a decade, she’s now making it her mission to spread awareness about Lyme disease. Christa is known for “laughing out Lyme” and making comedic videos about what it’s like to battle this terrible disease. She inspires those who are silently suffering and provides a new perspective on healing when all hope seems lost. If you are feeling lost, stalled, or need a big dose of hope, tune into this very happy story.

Connect with Liza’s guest, Christa Nannos

Buy Her Book - Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/christa.nannos/

Christa’s Support Group - https://www.instagram.com/healinghavengroup


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