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Peaceful, Relatable, Honest, Brave

Despite the different challenges in my household, I could still relate to all that Liza so courageous and honestly shared! Her presentation is so soothing and makes you feel everything is going to be OK. Love the way she artfully weaves her storytelling with the title of her podcast! A podcaster that I can’t wait to hear more from!

This podcast is a game changer

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast! Liza’s stories are so moving. You feel like you’re in the moment and feeling what she felt at that time. It’s eye opening, tears at your heart strings and is so down-to-earth honest which is so hard to find in today’s environment. With every story, I find I am reflecting on my life and the choices I’ve made and continue to make. Liza’s vulnerability is captivating and although I cannot personally relate to the issues she and her family have faced, I am still getting so much out of these podcasts. Soothing and inspirational with an engaging personality, Liza is the REAL DEAL!

Insightful, Inspiring, and Vulnerable

Liza does a wonderful job in sharing the stories of navigating the varying diagnosis of her two children including the highs and lows of it all. She expresses herself with such vulnerability and her words can be a comfort to other families navigating similar issues. Liza is an insightful and inspiring storyteller. This is a must listen to podcast!


Very honest insight into difficult parenting issues. Liza’s compassionate mindset is inspiring. The episode on permission resonates with me and the difficulties I have faced with one of my children. I find myself smiling at the end of each episode. I can’t wait for more Very Happy Stories!

Thank You Liza!!!

Wow. Thank you for this Liza! Agree it’s easy for us humans to get off kilter when faced with triumph and wanting the best for others. Your messages and stories are a brilliant reminder to focus on ME first and the bright spots. Amazing what happens next with the world around us.

A ray or light in the dark

Liza is a great storyteller and this podcast gives a hopeful spin in dark circumstances. Liza is honest, personable and real. Her stories show us all that even through challenges we can find comfort and strength. I look forward to more episodes!

Honest and inspiring

It takes real courage to be so brave and honest. So grateful to be able to “connect” with another mom going through tough times as a parent. Liza’s stories are inspiring and empowering and a great reminder that we are not alone in this crazy journey through parenthood.

Just what I needed to hear.

This is so reassuring to know that I am not the only one experiencing some of these challenges with my children.Liza makes me feel good and gives me hope and confidence to go forward.


Love the honesty. I can completely relate to this story. I went through something very similar with my daughter. It is hard for us to imagine that our kids are directly affected by our happiness but they so are! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for another episode! Listened to another episode - so true - we don’t have to ride the rollercoaster with them! We can have a good day, even when our kids don’t!


Felt like the host was talking to me!! One of her kids sounded like my kid. I related to her story and want to have that good day too!

Soothing in spite of tough issues about children and health

Liza speaks in a soothing and encouraging way about tough issues. She lets parents know they’re not alone.

So great!!

Useful info from an inspiring mom who GETS IT.