Nov. 9, 2022

Natale Voland: Sustainability in Real Estate & Using Business as a Force of Good

Natale Voland: Sustainability in Real Estate & Using Business as a Force of Good

As both a socially-missioned and profit-oriented real estate developer, Natalie Voland focuses on responsible capitalism. Recognizing that 38% of our carbon footprint is related to the built environment, she advocates for maintaining heritage buildings and studies climate change to determine how real estate projects can serve people and be profitable at the same time.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how Natalie leverages the market economy for the benefit of the community.

Natalie Voland is the parent of an LCC alum from the Class of 2022 and current parent of a grade 9 student.

Natalie has been reinventing the process of real estate development over 25 years. With a background in social work, she has a unique and purpose-driven, design-centred outlook on development that prioritizes historical protection of civic assets. She is forward-thinking, using buildings to unite communities and push environmental advocacy. 

Natalie is an award-winning, socially-driven developer and a leader of the Quebec B Corp. Movement, where her companies contribute to the protection of the environment, foster social inclusion, while making market-driven profit to further the economic development of Montreal. She manages 1.5 million square feet, supports over 500 entrepreneurs, and is an active expert , public speaker, and mentor. Her newest venture - Quo Vadis Capital - is investing in carbon mitigated accessible housing to address inclusion and climate change in real estate.

Natalie sits on several boards and think tanks associated with her passion to be a leader in environmental, social and governmental (ESG) development. She is an active master planner, and partners with universities to use her assets as teaching and prototype tools to evolve concepts on what kind of city we want to build as citizens and corporate leaders. Natalie is a PhD candidate and member of the Concordia Chair of Excellence in Research on Smart and Resilient Cities and the Next Generation Cities Institute specializing in the bridge of market business practices that drive sustainability on the built environment.

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