Nov. 26, 2021

Sheri Elefant

Sheri Elefant

Sheri Elefant shares her personal journey, the shift in her career from corporate to non-profit and the things that are most meaningful to her.

Originally from New York, Sheri began her professional life in advertising working on product launches and media negotiations in a fast-paced, multi-million dollar industry. The decision to leave Madison Avenue was not difficult, as the greatest and most challenging opportunity of her life lay ahead - raising her kids.

Her non-profit career began as co-founder of the Trevor Williams Kids Foundation and she currently serves as the Strategic Development Officer for the Montreal Community Cares Foundation. Prior to this, she co-founded a 21st century non-profit sustainability learning space called Genvironment. She is also a member of the advisory board at Clickto, an edtech startup, which was born out of a need to address the pain points of remote learning as virtual became the new in-person.

Sheri is passionate about creating social value and putting youth - our future change makers - at the forefront of social issues, and integrating impact in anything she puts her hands on.

Sheri is mother to Samantha '10 (Pre-U '11) and David '12 (Pre-U '13).