106: How Do You Know if Your Story Sucks?

106: How Do You Know if Your Story Sucks?

How to get a story published, even if the topic is written about often.

On episode 106, host Allison Langer tells a story about her post cancer hair. Allison’s story was rejected by The Washington Post. Should Allison give up and write something new? Or should she continue to send her story to other publications? Most often, even expertly-written stories get rejected because they’re just not a perfect fit for a particular publication at a particular time. But, how do you know if your story just sucks?

Had Allison listened to Andrea’s edits, would she have gotten published? Or is it the topic of cancer that did her in?

You’ll hear why a new twist on an overly-written-about subject (like cancer) may help you get published. You’ll also hear one of author Sue Shapiro’s secrets to getting published. 

This episode of Writing Class Radio is produced by Allison Langer, Andrea Askowitz, and Virgina Lora.

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