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Wonderful and engaging content and hosts

I started listening to WCR for the prison series. The episodes are released one at a time and I find myself checking back to see if the next once has come out because I have been so captivated by the previous episodes. Allison, Andrea, and Zaire are fabulous as hosts when discussing these powerful and moving stories. This is a very compelling, moving, and entertaining podcast that I highly recommend!!

Excellent podcast for listening to & learning to write personal essays

I started listening to the essays for entertainment and sideline nd teacher insights into writing. Got attached to the teacher/creator tips to the point I tried the weekly first daft then tried second draft. Excellent classes, great teachers and thoughtful student feedback as well. 5 Stars!

thank you

I just found this podcast tonight I absolutely love it thank you! I will keep listening and maybe sign up for the class it sounds interesting.

So lovely

Such a supportive, lovely podcast that supports writers. Each episode is a wonderful story and a succinct lesson on writing

Just What I Needed!

I could not have found this podcast at a better time. Andrea and Allison do such a great job. I am excited to join their class on Zoom next week and will definitely check out Patreon. Hearing stories from other writers and the feedback that Allison and Andrea provide have really inspired me to keep going even when my inner critic says “ Who cares about what I have to say?”.

Motivating, wonderful, funny, sometimes heart-wrenching, ALWAYS entertaining podcast

I love you ladies so much, and look forward to maybe even seeing you in person in Sanibel in the fall. :) I hope I don’t just burst into tears (an automatic- and very embarrassing- reaction I have when being too overwhelmed with excitement!). I am always so delighted when I see that a new episode has dropped ❤️

Fabulous ladies with great advice

I’m going to miss you guys. I can’t wait for you to come back. Hang in there.

Beautiful Stories

One of the most beautiful podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It’s made me feel less alone and reawakened my love for writing and story.

Inhaled All Episodes & Am Jonesing for More

Allison and Andrea tell it truly: Writing Class Radio is "equal parts heart and art." I just listened to all nine seasons. Halfway through, I started writing a true personal story. I incorporated the tips and examples I heard on the show. I made myself the a***** in my story (and maybe went a little over the top with that tip). My essay has many edits to go, but I'm on my way. I'm a book copyeditor, and this podcast is improving my work. Final disclosure: Andrea is my cousin! Her stories about her family gave me permission to write about mine. I'm relieved the show is excellent so there's no dilemma about offering feedback. It's *awesome* and I'm modestly supporting Writing Class Radio on Patreon.

My absolute favorite podcast on writing

I started listening to this podcast a year ago. I should have reviewed it earlier. I became so fascinated by the stories, the teachers, the guests. I have recommend so many of my friends, who love storytelling and writing, to listen to this podcast. I LOVE IT. My companion when I’m running or walking. Also my guidance to retake my writing and loose the fear to tell my story. I recommend this podcast to anybody, not just for people who want to be authors but for anybody who wants to write. Thank you WCR.

I love this podcast ten thousand times

Deserves more than five stars. Was looking for a podcast to help generate journaling ideas and found so much more. Andrea and Allison have the chemistry of lifelong friends with what seems like more differences than similarities. It works and is a beautiful thing. I enjoy the banter and vulnerability of their own writings. I cheated and binge listened to all 84 episodes in a five day stretch. My plan now is to go back to episode 1, take it slow, follow the timed prompts and lay it all out on paper. Thank you to everyone that makes this podcast happen.

I’ve fallen in love with this podcast!

My husband is encouraging me to write in the midst of raising our very busy, ever changing family. I know I should and it helps but instead I’ve been binging this podcast after he sent me a link to it. The prompts have helped me to take 8 minutes out of my day when I can to pour out some thoughts. It’s been amazing! I love everything about it and can’t get enough. I only wish you were in New Orleans and I could be in class with you.


Exactly what I wanted to hear now, at this point in my life. Good information for an aspiring writer like me, but much more importantly, this pod is a big dose of reality. Life happens, no mater what you are doing, no matter what your plans are. Here are these two women revealing, in no uncertain terms, how Life, ( death) intrudes. Powerful, heartfelt real. Thank you, and I’m routing for you. Godspeed!

Great resource for any storytellers out there

This short and sweet podcast has been really helpful as I start writing more short stories. Andrea and Allison have a wonderful dynamic and it's clear how much they enjoy each other and doing this podcast.


Amazing podcast - I’ve never heard anything like this show.


I love this podcast. I’ve learned so much from these amazing teachers. Everything about it is perfect for learning about how to write in a compelling way.

I CAN do this!

Writing Class Radio has made me feel, for the first time ever, as if I really CAN sit down and write a good story about myself. How to do this is no longer a mystery thanks to Andrea and Allison.

Nourishing Hosts, Delicious Material!

Can’t say enough how satiating each episode is. This is NOT fast food podcasting— it’s an authentic gourmet (but stick to your ribs) complete meal!

Necessary and refreshing

This is a great concept and nice to hear the analysis and reflection. Awesome

Challenging and enlightening

I love this podcast, the hosts, and the students. I have started writing and telling stories again after years of silence. I’m uncovering myself - peeling back the layers to get to the core of me. The episodes inspire and encourage me. I’m forever grateful.

How did I not know about this podcast before?

I am so happy I found it, I am trying to write a book and I have tried to find resources, this podcast is so educational, funny, emotional and relatable, at times feel the podcast is a story itself!. Thank you everyone!

My favorite writing podcast

I get so excited to see a new episode pop up in my stream. I write memoir and don't always have the opportunity to get together with my writing group. Listening to their stories read aloud and the commentary really inspires me to get back to it. I think they have great feedback and I enjoy listening to what people come up with from the prompts. High recommend.

Cannot stop.

Woah. This podcast offers addictive and painfully honest bites of memoirs, but it also acts as inspiration and guidance for the listening writer/podcast enthusiast. I’ve been captivated by many of the episodes on Writing Class Radio. The hosts, Andrea and Allison, are not only talented writers but they’re also incredibly engaging and helpful teachers. From listening to their podcast, I broke through some really pesky writer’s block, and I can even hear Andrea urging this podcast listener/writer to “Just commit to writing for 8 minutes! Do it!” Really amazing. Completely worth listening to. You’ll be entertained; you’ll be moved; and you’ll walk away having learned something :) -Eva Papka

Pure Excellency

Hearing everyone’s stories are true motivation to better my writing. I’m learning how to become more personal and to dig deep into my core for the dark, ugly truth. I love hearing this podcast!

My favorite writing themed podcast

Andrea and Allison are like my sisters from other misters. I feel like listening to them co-lead their show is like listening to the smartest, funniest, most neurotic (that’s a compliment) members of my family at a holiday dinner. If what was discussed around the table was show don’t tell, voice, humor, pacing....instead of who found the best price per pound on avocados. Almost the same thing. I love hearing the stories the students in the class read. They are without exception raw, real, honest and well written. The feedback Allison and Andrea give is both helpful and insightful. I only wish the show came out more often. I end up listening to each episode twice, even three times, to feed my habit, which is probably a bit compulsive. So please produce more episodes so that I can avoid developing yet another habit I’ll end up discussing in therapy. Love the show. Steve

Perfect mix of stories and workshop

Least painful way to learn how to tell your story. Follow this class as they write their own stories. Hear the questions to ask that lead to effective edits. Try it at home and upload your own story... I found my tribe.

Touching stories because they are so everyday, so human

I am always moved by the authentic stories I hear on this podcast. Also a Lipservice fan, since the Books and Books performances. Thank you and congratulations!


I found ‘writing class radio’ after listening to the Dear Sugars finale, then searching podcasts for Steve Almond. I loved the episode on 4/24/16 with Missy, finding her tribe through Elizabeth Gilbert and onto WCR. This podcast makes me feel like I’ve found some tribe too. COME TO HAWAII :)

So helpful!

I’m so grateful for this podcast! It is full of honesty and meaningful stories. It’s a great resource for writers and any human types that enjoy storytelling.

Educational and Fun!!!

I didn’t expect that they’d ACTUALLY get into *how* to write... but they do! And they do it so well. Super educational and FUN! Love this podcast.

The best I’ve heard

I’m a writing podcast junkie and have tried so many. This one is raw and real - I’m so grateful to have found it. It gives me something to think about every single episode. Thank you!

On Writing

I randomly discovered this podcast and have been working my way through the episodes. I was hooked immediately from Episode 1. I highly recommend that you start from the beginning because later episodes will reference earlier episodes. I have found that the stories are interesting, personal and intimate - it's almost as if I'm in the class myself. Earlier episodes may have some recording/sound issues but the later episodes don't have these issues. If you're offended by profanity this may not be your cup-of-tea. For everyone else, dive in and enjoy.

My favorite podcast!

I can not stop listening to these stories and love both Andrea and Allison as hosts. All I would want is to be in one class!!! This has given me the courage to start writing.

I cannot stop listening

Please keep making these, Ive run out of old episodes to listen to. I guess I have no choice now but to try out some of those great writing prompts...

Real Writing

I clicked on this podcast thinking I’d get some tips for writing, and in addition to that, I’m rediscovering the healing power of listening to others tell their story.

My favorite podcast

If you are interested in writing, especially your own story, then you’ll love this podcast. Hearing everyone’s stories is inspiring, motivating, and a breath of fresh air. Listening to this podcast has propelled me back into the world of writing after setting it aside over a decade ago. Humorous, insightful, and real- Writing Class Radio is a win in my book and I highly recommend!

Reinvigorate your love for writing and listen to great stories!

I stumbled upon this podcast just before New Years. I had made a resolution to try to get back into writing. Much like Humans of New York this podcast shares individual stories from everyday people. It’s this glimpse into other’s lives and hearts that really draws you in. It’s definitely worth a listen!

So glad I found this

Funny and inspiring! I love hearing real writers talk about the craft and share their own stories. Keep it up!


I love this podcast. It’s so down-to-earth and real. You feel like you are in the class. Great for writers who need direction, inspiration, and prompts! I recommend to all my fellow 20-somethings who are seeking answers to who they are. This podcast provides a method to figuring that out! Please continue!


A really comforting listen. Informative and often inspiring. Lots of diverse storytelling!!

Love this podcast

For aspiring writers or just those who like hearing real personal stories--a fun podcast and touching too. I love Andrea and Alison and the rapport they have.

Craft, craft, craft

Fun, engaging, and, above all, informative and applicable to your work.

Awesome podcasts

I love this podcast for so many reasons. The hosts, Andrea and Allison, are witty and funny. The stories are fresh and honest. It has really gotten me to think about putting my own thoughts on paper. Check it out.

My new favorite podcast!

Thank you so much for making a real space for regular people to get together and be creative! I am finding it so inspiring and captivating and I learn something new about story telling every episode! Thank you for the prompts and I love that it fits into a bigger suite of offerings through writing class radio online. Thank you! I love it!

Love this!

I am just discovering the wonder of podcasts, and this one has me hooked! Even if you're not a writer, the stories are wonderful, funny, touching, and REAL.


If you're not listening to this podcast, you're missing out!! Subscribe immediately!! Andrea and Allison are incredible. I was so touched by Episode 29 - but not any less than the previous episodes. Each podcast is better than the one before it. I'm not a writer or a storyteller, but I am realizing I DO have a story to tell and am almost ready to submit my personal sample!!

Passed With Flying Colors

I am obsessed with this podcast. As a long-time fan of shows like This American Life and Radiolab, my standards are pretty finicky, but this podcast passed all my tests! The stories are genuine, funny, sad, powerful, silly... You get all the feels. The best part is that the stories are told by regular people--sharing outstanding real-life tales. It's so true that everyone has a story and this podcast is teaching me how to tell mine. Worth a listen.


Listening to writing class radio makes me feel like it's okay to be human. The content is raw and makes you feel something. It's art of storytelling at its finest.

Love this Podcast!!!

this is so good. really interesting look into the interior world of the story tellers. i just discovered this podcast and binge-listened all the episodes. i'm looking forward to the next one!


I freaking LOVE this podcast. I have literally been stopped in my tracks to replay a bit that was so good I couldn't believe my ears. Then I played it again and it really was THAT good. Whatever their 'of the moment' theme, we are always treated to a deliciously satisfying resolution at the end. Why can't real life work this way? Don't ever leave me, Writing Class Radio. I love you so.

Writing class radio

I enjoy listening to the podcast because I get to hear different writers with different styles each tell their stories in their own voice. It can get raw and real and helps me to get to that point with my own writing. Sallye

Love to Listen

These stories are super entertaining, can take your breath away. Also, you get writing tips. Listen!

WRC Keeps It Real

The stories written by the students and instructors get heavy, deep and real, and make the listener want to look into themselves and write their truth alongside them. Andrea and Allison have created a podcast that serves as a space to ask prodding, important questions for our time, which, along with the student stories, has been an invaluable resource for someone like me who doesn't have time or the ability to take a writing class IRL. Short, sweet, and great for when you need to give your brain a reset back to thinking about what matters to you. Brava.

Refreshing! Different!

Wow! This is like getting into someone else's head and nosing around for the topics we all think about but don't talk about because they're taboo or politically incorrect or socially undersirable. This is so refreshing! Also helpful in giving you permission to think about your own unspoken realms.

Real People Telling Real Stories

What a great find! The voices and the stories are real, raw and utterly engaging. The stories are always entertaining and often touchingly sad. But the best part is that teacher Andrea always coaxes a lesson out of whatever it is we are listening to.


A wonderful podcast that teaches writing skills with writers reading their unpolished and polished works. You will laugh and cry! So so so good!

Nothing else like it!

I am obsessed with this podcast. The hosts Andrea and Allison make me feel like I'm part of the conversation as they guide me through the stories they feature that episode and I am highly entertained while learning about the craft of writing- that doesn't happen often and should be praised when found! The recurring cast of storytellers featured within the podcast are students- only, they're totally established writers with their own unique voices- no matter how terrible, insane, or outrageous their story- they're so raw and honest, that I find myself rooting for them no matter what. I always want MORE! If you're not listening this while you commute in Miami traffic- you're insane! Give it a go!

Funny, Moving, High Quality

This podcast is so surprisingly good. You get these interesting, totally personal stories. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. This one is produced so well. Even the music stays with me. Give it a listen!

Better and better.

I've been listening since the start, and this show has kept up its momentum, and then some. I look forward to every episode - the stories are riveting, and I ALWAYS learn something new about the art of telling true stories. Bravo!!!

Great story telling

Check this podcast, these girls are funny

Great Content

I recently rediscovered Writing Class Radio and fell in love with the content and stories. Please keep the it coming!

Best companion to your commute

Very emotional, entertaining and useful! I just wish they released and episode every day, as I am getting closer to the end and will miss my company on my way home.

A Great Writing Class!

This is by far one of the best podcasts out there. If you want to learn more about writing, or listen to other's walk through the craft of writing or learn more about the human soul, you will through listening to the intimate stories the students have written. First episode I still haven't been able to finish, because I became too emotional. Great podcasts. Well done!

Can't say enough,


How lucky this is to find!

If you ever thought you could be a writer, a story teller or just wanted to share a story but have been afraid, this podcast is for you. If you are inspired by storytelling, this podcast is for you. If you enjoy someone sharing something intimate, sacred or impossibly difficult, this podcast is for you - because everyone has a story. A wildly addictive podcast. Stop reading these reviews and just listen. There is much to learn!


i have been binge listening and thoroughly enjoying it! it has a very smooth flow and keeps the listener's interest piqued. it makes me want to run out and join your writer's group, even though i am not a writer. personal interest stories told in the framework of a real writing class. just can't say enough good things about it!


I love to listen to Andrea and Alison and each of the stories from the class. I want more! Also I would love to see Andrea take this show on the road. I’d be among the first to sign up if they came to NYC!


I've laughed and cried listening to this podcast. The best thing is the variety of writers all discussing the good, bad, painful. It's all here. Please give them a listen.


I loved the diversity of stories & that most of them have a funny undertone . Great job!!

Adore this podcast!

You guys, this podcast is a little treasure! Every time I finish the newest episode I find myself wanting more and saying, "they've topped themselves, now THIS one is my favorite episode!" I love how interactive they've made it with the writing prompts and their Facebook page! So good! Subscribe if you love real people telling real stories! So raw, I find myself driving along and crying or laughing out loud! Love this project!!

Podcast Addict.

I thought this was going to be a podcast about how to write...which is ok, but would have limited appeal. I had no idea it was going to be personal stories by people IN a writing class. Some of this stuff is so personal, I feel like I shouldn't be in the room. I am so hooked, it's pissing me off. Freaking great music, too.


Real people telling real stories and excellent writing tips from a teacher who'll keep you laughing. Definitely worth checking out.


I love this podcast! As an aspiring writer I'm always looking for free resources to improve my craft and when I discovered writing class radio I was hooked after the first episode! The host is hilarious and it's really well done. Definitely worth a listen!

wholehearted stories

A fun, personal and heartfelt stories with structure and purpose… love this podcast and the music too!

This is fabulous!!

I’ve been hesitate to listen to Podcast but I’m totally addicted to Writing Lab Radio. It doesn’t feel like a writing class it’s just a time to listen to incredible stories told by real people. I like listening to stories. The host Andrea is fabulous and so upbeat and I could literally listen to her anytime I go on a long drive. If you like Serial and Radio Lab I think you’ll love Writing Class Radio.

Love these voices

I enjoy listening to Writing Class Radio Podcast and wait for each new episode comes out. You rank right up there with Fresh Air and This American Life for me. Each writer is called upon to be honest - with themselves and the group. This can take time and the journey is sometimes haunting but always fascinating.

Terrific for writers and storytellers

For anyone interested in writing and/or the amazing stories that every person has to tell, this podcast is terrific. Andrea is funny, compassionate, and generously shares her knowledge and insight. She has made me realize that being a writer taps into places in our soul that we don't even know are there- love it!

A must listen!

If you like reading and/or writing and/or human beings, Writing Class Radio is a must listen! Compelling, funny, moving, relatable, honest stories and an awesome host.

So Good!


Excellent podcast

I was hooked from the start of the pilot. Then I got obsessed with listening to the rest of the episodes. I wish they were longer so I could get to know the rest of the students even more. The stories are told so well and I feel I can really connect to the people. I can't wait until the next episode comes out!!!

Great podcast

Each episode is better than the last. In addition to making me laugh and cry, it feels like I am going to get to know the members of the writing class. I’m dying to know what happens to everyone’s writing, as well as their lives. Excellent excellent podcast.


Just started listening to this podcast, and I’m hooked. Has the feel of something on NPR, and it makes me laugh and cry. Can’t wait for more. Everyone DOES have a story to tell - and I love listening to the ones from writing class radio.

I like this!

Writing class radio is my very first podcast and I'm already hooked!

Great program

Give this a shot! Wonderful host. Entertaining and educational.