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Oh ya, he's a dirt bag...

I love this podcast as much for the cute hosts as anything else. Their accents remind me of Mont Rose, Minnesota and they can be talking about the most awful dirtbag and still manage to sound like your favorite aunt who's bring you a plate of warm peanut butter cookies. After listening to many of the more shrill podcasts where the F-bomb is dropped every other word while the hosts scream with laughter at their own jokes, this podcast is a welcome reliefc too my ear. Thank you!


I have been listening to true crime podcasts for quite some time now but I’ve never found a show that pulled me right in like Buried Motives! I’ve shared with all of my friends and can’t wait for the new episodes every week! I appreciate all the work they’ve put in and hope this continues on for many years to come!

Ah-ddicted to this podcast!

I started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I’m completely addicted! Christy and Melissa are a joy to listen to and offer a lighthearted take on true crime (as much as possible). The bloopers at the end of each episode are adorable!

Loving the ‘Clean’ True Crime Stories

I love that there is not an f-bomb every fifth word. The chemistry between Melissa and Christy is great. I just discovered you guys, but I’ve binged almost half of the episodes in just a few days.

I now look forward to Thursdays!

It’s so refreshing to listen to a podcast where the police are not broad brushed as the bad guys. On another note, I typically don’t like podcasts where there are 2 hosts but this just works!

my favorite podcast!!! 10/10

it’s crazy how underrated this podcast is, i genuinely can't point out a single flaw in it! the sound quality: amazing. the personalities: fantastic. the story telling: awesome. i’ve listened to every episode and am thrilled each time a new one comes out. i love the amount of detail they cover too! it’s so interesting to hear how these killers turned out this way, not just what happened. buried motives has set my standards for true crime podcasts way too high! curse you guys for making such great content! keep it up :) also would love if u guys made a patreon for exclusive stuff, even if it’s just behind the scenes or extra info.

Love it!

Super fascinating murder cases with a side of laughter! Not that there’s anything funny about murder, but you ladies literally make me laugh out loud sometimes! I love this podcast so much!

Love this pod

You ladies are hilarious!!! I just found your pod and am binging while I’m at work. Omg, the Lysol ads had me rolling!!! Yes, yes I did look them up. You never know what new fun facts that you will learn while listening to true crime 😂😂😂😂 Keep it up ladies!!!


Great true crime podcast. These ladies do a wonderful job in researching each case and tell them in a very captivating way’s like discussing true crime with your best friends! Give them a listen!

Fresh and a great listen

I really enjoy the chemistry between Christie and Melissa. They have a fresh approach and episodes on events I have not heard before. So happy to have found this gem 💎.