May 10, 2017

Finding Shelley Desrochers: Part Two - Shelley Goes Missing

Finding Shelley Desrochers: Part Two - Shelley Goes Missing

Shelley Desrochers hasn’t been seen since January 2016. She’s one of three women who lived a “high-risk lifestyle” to go missing from London, Ontario, Canada in the last decade. In this series, we go beyond the police and news reports to take an in-depth look at Shelley’s life, ask questions surrounding the case and speak with guests and experts such as Mike Arntfield, host of “To Catch A Killer” and former London police officer.

Part Two looks at the timeline of her disappearance, the efforts being made to find her, and why Shelley's friends and family are frustrated with the police response.

Former London Police officer Mike Arntfield shares his thoughts on the situation, and we speak with Randy Richmond of the London Free Press who has been following this story from the beginning. Randy sheds some light on a London Police officer who spent years of her career trying to keep sex-workers like Shelley safe.

Don't miss the end, when Karla shares an amazing gesture aimed at helping gather tips to find out what happened to Shelley.

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Host and Producer:  Karla Stephens-Tolstoy Editor and Co-Producer:  Joel at East Coast Radio Creative

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