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Worth your while, fresh material!

Love these girls

Just two Smokey’s that love to have a good time and are hella funny! Legends...

Very very entertaining

I love listening to Allie and Brooke. It’s an entertaining podcast through and through and I crack up every episode. Love these girls! Keep them coming please!!

The best

Funniest podcast, better material than call her daddy

These two are hilarious

🤣🤣 love listening

very entertaining

an actual entertaining podcast to get me through this never ending panny. Ally and Nicole are a trip.

Allie // Brooker You’re Amazkng 🤍💚💛🧡

Hey Allie, Hey Brooke... First, congratulations on your most amazing podcast. Putting yourselves out there like that and speaking about certain topics is no easy task... it takes strength, courage and lots of creativity to do what you do. Just wanted to come on here and say thank you ladies …

Amazing listen

Worth listening too! Pure unfiltered realness! In a time where people fake who they are these 2 keep it real and tell it how it is

What Women Want but way sexier

If you’ve ever seen what women want and thought that hearing the inner workings of a woman’s brain was insightful and awesome then this is the pod for you. Allie and Nicole give you the breakdown on what it’s like in this crazy world for two smoke shows out on the prowl. From sex, to parties, to ju…

Awesome! Hilarious! Perfect!

Awesome to listen to these hilarious perfect girls!