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Don’t sleep on this podcast!!

Allison is the best for all things humans design and manifestation!!! I have followed along with human design for a couple years but the way she explains it is so much different than anyone!! She explains it so you can actually apply it to your life!! You will not regret bingeing all the episodes and you’ll definitely want to go back and takes notes!!!😍😍

fascinating, applicable and good for the soul

I love You Do Woo and Allison because it feels like you’re just hanging out with a genuine friend talking about stuff that’s super hard to talk about and put language around. I love that after I listen, regardless of the episode’s topic, I feel intrigued, encouraged and connected.

Fun and Fantastic Podcast!

Listening to Allison is like having a conversation with a good friend. I also love the topics, especially Human Design and all things “woo.” I’ll be listening!

Allison is an amazing teacher and I learn so much!

I’m so, so glad to have this podcast out in the world!! Excellent!!!!!

Must Subscribe!

Human Design is something everyone should know about! Allison’s podcast is an amazing resource to learn all the things HD! Thank you for your work!


I love Allison’s take on so many daily challenges. She lifts people up with her info and energy. Your episodes help ground me. Keep it coming and thank you so much!

A pod that inspires and keeps it real!

Love the new re-brand!!! The perfect pod for anyone looking to embrace more authenticity in their life! Love the layer of HD throughout all the episodes as well. A must listen xx

I’m obsessed

I am so obsessed with You Do Woo. It’s a great podcast for human design and personal growth. Allison is an amazing coach and I’ve used several of her profile tips from the show in my own life. Episodes are short and sweet. Can’t wait for more.

So so good!

Loving this podcast!! Love the topics and questions and as a mom, human design coach and business owner this podcast just hits the spot! Thank you for this!! 🙏

Can’t wait to listen to more!

Loving this podcast so far! Human design is such a fascinating topic and Allison relates it to every day life so well! If you haven’t gotten into human design yet, I highly recommend you do and have Allison be your guide!

Educational and fun

I love when real life and spirituality come together - this is brilliant! Thank you for the work you do!

Wonderful Show - Must Listen!!

Love this show! Allison does such a beautiful job of sharing these important topics in a digestible manner. Her latest Human Design Ep gave so much tangible info, I’m bookmarking this one to relisten to when I fall off my path. Her energy radiates through her voice and you can tell she is truly doing what lights her up! Thank you A 🦋✨

Much needed 🤍

This is so important and I love how accessible you’re making spirituality 🤍🤍

SO helpful and easy to digest!

Allison does a great job of keeping it simple! I have referred so many HD newbies to this podcast as they can instantly learn more about their type in one podcast!


So happy to have discovered this podcast!

Like a candy shop for your inner self

This podcast is literally like a candy shop for your inner self. I am just getting into Human Design and loving it. It’s hard to decide which episode to listen to first!! Highly recommend “Magnetic Monday’s” as an excellent place to start if you need some motivation or bravery to get something done.

Perfectly timed!

Not only is Allison crazy approachable, she also records these in small snippets. It’s not overwhelming at all & really does a good job of explaining herself (and ultimately - you!)

Centered & Refreshed

Allison is awesome and listening to her voice instantly puts me in a good mood ☺️


Thank you for these episodes. I am learning so much already and cannot wait for more to come!

Great listen for personal development!

Love the way Allison explains human designs and weaves it into how you can live your best life! Awesome for parents too!

Awesome podcast!!

Allison does such a great job interpreting Human Design and how it relates to your life and your families lives (children & spouses). I’ve always been intrigued by the Eneagram and personalities. While these are somewhat unique, Human Design takes things to a very “specific to you” level which really helps you get to know yourself and teach you what to do to get yourself aligned. Highly recommend!!