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A friend recently introduced me to Human Design, and I spent a whole weekend looking for a podcast I liked to learn more about it. This one is by far my favorite! The episodes are insightful, focused on the topic, and so relevant that I find myself taking notes. Thanks for a great show! Looking forward to listening to more!

Powerful & enlightening

The depth, passion and value you bring forward in this podcast is impacting so many lives! I love being able to plug in as a way to check myself on if I am living in alignment to my human design and make adjustments based on this! Thank you for stepping into your power, sharing your gifts and living in alignment!

I feel like a whole new woman

I binged Allison when I learned she was a generator 6/2!! I felt like she has an incredible way of breaking down, and understanding human design on the most basic level!! I then have taken courses from her, and love watching her grow!! She has helped me to feel like a whole new woman. Understanding myself in ways that make sense and feel so true to me, even if the world makes me feel crazy. Thank you for stepping into your power!!

So helpful!

Just diving into human design and my chart.. this podcast has been super helpful in providing understanding and clarity! Thank you, Allison!

One of my Favorites

I absolutetly love this podcast. I have listened to so many of the episodes and look forward to the new ones as they drop. There is so much good information here not just on Human Design but on finances, being a mom, becoming more magnetic... I could on and on. If you have not connected with Allison on IG, I highly commend following her and joining her email list. She is always sending out GOOD STUFF in her email.

Every single episode!!!

I almost feel bad being able to listen for free as every single episode is worth $$$$$$!!! So helpful for diving into HD and overall improving your life!!

Love real conversations ~ thank you!!

This podcast is full of insights and real life conversations and guidance for being the best version of yourself. There’s something for everyone. 💓Personal growth is so important in today’s world and Allison is providing multiple avenues! 🙏🏼Thank you Allison for all you are doing to serve others!!🙏🏼

Expanding my understanding of Human Design

Great podcast to learn about Human Design! I loved the episodes about past life regression, intersection with Enneagram, and doing less to allow room for more unexpected opportunity to come into your life.

So relatable!

I love listening to Allison! She is not only relatable but offers practical next steps to building your brand authentically to you! Through her podcast and courses, I am learning to give myself permission to be ME and am seeing my business grow from it.

Nothing Short of Magic

I’m convinced the kismet way I came across Allison and the You Do Woo Podcast was divine intervention. Allison’s expertise in human design and her down to earth way of explaining it is changing my world. Best human design podcast around!!

My go to for a dose of woo

Allison (show’s host) does such a great job of communicating all aspects of “woo” in a digestible and applicable manner. The way she incorporates her business and motherhood into the episodes is so relatable and I’m not exaggerating when I say I look forward to her new episodes when they come out. Grateful for all the insights and to have my “woo” cup filled!

Amazing!!! Period.

Allison is amazing in what she can provide people who are looking to know themselves more to love themselves more, and really get into the deep dive in terms of their human design…knowing her before this podcast and currently…,,wow….amazing!!!!!

Keep the woo coming!

Much like Allison, I’ve always been a little woo but feel like I have mostly repressed it to appease others and specific industries. Since finding Human Design and Allison I have been able to tap further in to myself and feel more in alignment with myself than I ever have. Thank you Allison for following your passion and sharing your woo with the world!

Every Episode is Gold ⚡️

I love listening to this podcast!!! It’s so bingeable, too!! Thank you, Allison for all do your love and wisdom! 🖤🖤🖤

LOVE This Podcast

I am so grateful to have had the ability to listen to Allison speak in another group and find out about her podcasts. I have loved each one so far and learned so much. To add she has so many other things to offer aside from podcast and I am telling you - you will not be disappointed! So glad to make the Youdowoo podcasts a part of my day!

Can’t wait to dig in more!

Thankful to have found Allison’s page and utilizing all the ways that I can expand in my life by working smarter (not harder) after learning my HD type.

I’m obsessed!!

This podcast is my absolute favorite! And while I wish I would have known about it sooner, I’m so glad I can binge listen to all of the amazing ideas, insights, tools & resources to HD!! Highly recommend this podcast & following Allison for all things HD and network marketing!

If you’re ready to understand yourself, here you go.

Allison has a true gift in the way she explains human design that is NOT arbitrary. She explains the principles of HD but then takes it a step further and makes it applicable to your real life and business. She’s also totally down to earth as a person which makes me love her pod even more.

Love Allison and learning about HD

I heard Allison on another podcast and immediately booked a reading with her and started listening to her podcast. Its filled with so much insight, and I love how she has specific episodes about certain design types, etc so I can listen to what’s really relevant for me!

Practical Woo for your Everyday Life!

A must listen for me every week. Discovering Allison and Human Design has dramatically increased my understanding of myself and those around me. I’m becoming more calm and focused as I dive deeper each week & de-conditioning from old, forced patterns. Allison explains Human Design in a way that is practical for your everyday in all areas of your life. Truly life changing!

The best human design podcast

I love this podcast! She breaks down all the parts of human design so you can learn it in small bites. She explains it so well! You can go to her website and get your human design chart as one of her free bees!!

Makes human design digestible!

I’m new to the human design world, but it’s been so empowering only because Allison explains it SO well and gives bite sized pieces of info on the show! I’ve loved following along!

Mind opening!

Love this podcast! I look forward to each new release. There’s so much great info that’s brought value to my life. Allison also offers some helpful classes. Check out her link for more info.

Changing my energy, changing my life

After discovering this podcast & connecting with Allison, I have shifted my energy irrevocably! It has been a massive pivot in the most positive way for me. She explains things so clearly so it feels possible almost immediately! I love Allison & am binging all of her episodes back to back to Back!!!

Such an easy to understand HD perspective!

I LOVE this podcast and I love Allison! I had the privilege of having my HD chart read by her and it was so illuminating and freeing. She also related it to my business in such a real and tangible way, it made a huge difference in my business. I had listened to the podcast prior to my reading and that was super interesting to just get an idea of the whole thing. She breaks it down in such an easy to understand way. Love listening and learning from Allison!

All the things!!!!

You’re going to want to go to the first episode, binge them all, and listen again! Allison shares so much good info in each of her episodes in such an understandable, easy flowing way.


Great podcast to learn about Human Design. I loved the episodes about past life regression and Enneagram. Look forward to an opportunity to see where Enneagram and HD intersect!

Don’t sleep on this podcast!!

Allison is the best for all things humans design and manifestation!!! I have followed along with human design for a couple years but the way she explains it is so much different than anyone!! She explains it so you can actually apply it to your life!! You will not regret bingeing all the episodes and you’ll definitely want to go back and takes notes!!!😍😍

fascinating, applicable and good for the soul

I love You Do Woo and Allison because it feels like you’re just hanging out with a genuine friend talking about stuff that’s super hard to talk about and put language around. I love that after I listen, regardless of the episode’s topic, I feel intrigued, encouraged and connected.

Fun and Fantastic Podcast!

Listening to Allison is like having a conversation with a good friend. I also love the topics, especially Human Design and all things “woo.” I’ll be listening!