March 17, 2023

Insurance with a communal purpose for good

Insurance with a communal purpose for good

The shared purpose of insurance is not dead, it's changing, and Steve Reffit from Branch Insurance share what they are doing to create value, trust and community in a new era of customer needs and expectations.

Steve Reffit, the Head of Agency for Branch Insurance, came into insurance the old-fashioned way- unexpected but found a purpose in his journey. Now with Branch, Steve is helping bring back insurance to its core roots of the premiums of the many helping the losses of a few through building community.

Branch is not simply another options for agents as brokers as much as it provides resources that help build trust and foster a community and that is a refreshing change. As Branch states on its website "We like to call it, getting back to getting each other’s back."

Steve shares his perspective on how technology and community can intersect to make a better buying experience for insureds and a better sales experience for agents and brokers when they look drive growth and their own value and purpose.

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