The Podcast Pyramid To Success

March 6, 2023

Johnny introduces the Podcast Pyramid to Success, and the friends mull over the Infinite Dial Research, and whether You Tube's next attempt at involving themselves with podcasting is gonna be a thing. They also start talk…

How To Launch A Podcast

Feb. 1, 2023

The Podcast Super Friends discuss some best practices for starting a podcast in 2023. If you want to watch us live, be sure to follow us in these places and you'll get a notification. This episode was recorded live. You can …

Our 2023 Podcast Predictions

Jan. 4, 2023

The Crew is back together to discuss their 2023 Podcast predictions. In case you missed the live stream of this episode, here are the links we posted in the chat: OpenAI ChatGPT Adobe Labs' Project Shasta If you want to watc…

Introducing David Yas from the Boston Podcast Network

Dec. 1, 2022

This week, an intimate interview with one of the Super Friends, David Yas. This conversation was originally Episode 323 of Matt's show, The Sound Off Podcast . If you want to watch us live, be sure to follow us in these plac…

Podcast First Impressions

Nov. 22, 2022

The Podcast Super Friends get together with some podcast episodes for a group listen. All they see is the artwork, then they listen to up to 75 seconds of the episode and discuss. They determine if what they heard was enough…

Untangling the Holidays

Oct. 26, 2022

Today the Super Friends get together to talk about how to Recession-proof your podcast, and prepare for the upcoming holidays. Believe it or not, there are some awesome holiday marketing hacks in and amongst those days off. …

What to Know Before Getting Podcast Married

Sept. 29, 2022

So you want to start a podcast and you want to do it with a co-host? There are things you need to know. In this episode the Podcast Super Friends discuss things like getting a pre-nump, planning who does what in the work flo…

Podcast Movement 22: Thoughts, Feelings Impressions and Take Aways

Aug. 31, 2022

Matt, Jon and Johnny attended Podcast Movement and share what they saw. Catherine and David did not get the #PM22 this year but will return with vengeance next year.

Be Our Guest: Managing Podcast Guests

Aug. 9, 2022

Working with guests is so much more than just inviting them on to the show. Everyone guest also comes with different expectations about podcasting. Today, our podcast experts share their strategies for getting the most out o…

Podcast Charcuterie

July 19, 2022

This time around, it is Podcast Charcuterie. We will be taking a look at how our summer podcast downloads are doing, looking ahead to Podcast Movement next month, and how many episodes is the right amount to launch with? But…

Meet Johnny Podcasts

July 4, 2022

Johnny went to Texas Christian University and studied marketing. When it came to audio... he learned the rest on his own. It's amazing what you can pick up from You Tube and by getting together with other podcast Super Frien…

Meet Catherine O'Brien

June 24, 2022

This is an episode that was originally created in August of 2021 for the Sound Off Podcast. Catherine O'Brien is the owner of Branch Out Programs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The California transplant turned in her career as a…

Don't Get Stuck in a Podcast Rut

June 14, 2022

Catherine O'Brien from Branch Out Programs asks: What happens when things get a little lethargic around our podcast? There are also different types of ruts including: The Content Rut, The Growth Rut, and the Tech Rut. You ca…

Sustaining Your Podcast: Matt Gets to 300 Episodes!

May 27, 2022

In this episode, the Super Friends focus in on how to keep a podcast going over time. As Matt reaches 300 episodes of the Sound Off Podcast, he goes over the things he's learned since he started his show and how he's managed…

Five out of 5 Producers Agree: Do Not Use A Blue Yeti

May 27, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of the Podcast Super Friends, hosted by Matt Cundill, Johnny Peterson, Jon Gay, Catherine O'Brien and David Yas. We're a collective of podcast industry veterans from across North America who love…

Introducing: The Podcast Super Friends

May 24, 2022

Meet the Podcast Super Friends!