October 14, 2017

Sheri Lynch Taking Control of The Show

Sheri Lynch bought her own show. Yes, I know that sounds really weird considering that her name is in the Marquee, but she essentially got tired of trying to manoeuvre her branding through radio station filters, that she take...

October 11, 2017

The DAZN Dzaster

When the NFL announced they had a partnership with a British company to carry what was NFL Sunday Ticket via streaming, major alarm bells sounded in my head. Not one to rebuff change, I welcomed our UK overlords and their streaming television idea because frankly - what choice did I have. After 5 weeks of Canadians paying for a service that often doesn't work, I reach out to Sean Meade, owner of the @DAZNSucks Twitter account, and defacto leader in our quest to bring NFL Sunday Ticket back to cable. So far, two cable companies have struck deals. After 5 weeks of NFL action, Canadians are wondering how they are going to cope with this for the next 5 years; while I try to answer the obvious question: How does this even happen? This episode is powered by Promosuite - check them out here. Take our audience survey.

October 01, 2017

Donna Halper - Radio, Religion, and Rush

Donna Halper is an associate professor of media at Lesley University. She is also in the process of leading an incredible life in radio as a music director, later as a consultant, and now as a professor of media. She is largely credited for breaking new bands including Rush when she was the music director of WMMS in Cleveland. We spent our time reconnecting as I had e-mailed her back in the 90’s to discuss radio. Our conversation dove-tailed to religion and ironically, I had no idea about the vital role she played in propelling the career of my favourite band, Rush. It wasn’t until 1999 when I finally made the connection. This week, I decided that it was time to meet her for the first time and talk about some of the subjects that have been at the center of my life… religion, radio and Rush. The podcast is brought to you by Nlogic - Need a voiceover? If your radio station is in need of talent coaching or programming strategies, contact me at 1-204-414-5541. Production imaging is provided by Core Image Studios

September 21, 2017

Lauren Hunter's Edmontonland

Lauren Hunter from Sonic 102.9 in Edmonton is in the hot seat this week. Apart from a brief stint in Kelowna, she has been in Edmonton her whole life and knows the city well. We talk about everything from how to tackle the social media beast, to what makes a post go viral, and, of course, Connor McDavid and the Connor McPortrait. This episode is brought to you by Promosuite, who has been proudly shredding paper for over 25 years. Tackle the pile of paper on your desk by visiting Production imaging is provided by Core Image Studios Voiceover by Amanda Logan.

September 17, 2017

Jason Barrett's Fall 2017 Sports Media Rundown

This week Jason Barrett from Barrett Sports Media joins us after a tumultuous summer that saw Sports and Politics further collide. There were also a number of sports personalities making the news for all the wrong reasons, and ESPN found itself at the center of most national headlines for layoffs or damage control. With the new NFL season upon us, there is no better time to reach out to Jason Barrett to get us ready for the upcoming fall sports season. We spoke about the changes in NFL Sundays with the additional of Tony Romo, and the subtraction of Chris Berman. As well we try to make sense of the NFL's decision to sell all the Sunday Ticket and Gamepass Canadian rights to a digital company in England. aka. The DAZN Debacle. Please follow Jason @sportsradiopd on Twitter; his podcast on itunes here - The podcast is brought to you by Nlogic - If your radio station is in need of talent coaching or programming strategies, contact me at 1-204-414-5541. Production imaging is provided by Core Image Studios Voiceover by Amanda Logan.

September 15, 2017

Socast CEO Elliott Hurst on Radio's Digital Path

Sometime around 2007, it became about websites and monetizing them. The company I was working for started to remove the digital parts our station was using. The preverbal shit hit the fan and I knew that the people in charge didn’t have a clue on how to use digital to monetize the future. Sadly, the problem persists to this day where there are people in charge who don’t have a digital strategy. Their stations were probably down in revenue from year to year; bolstering their profit margin with some cleaver cost-cutting that masks the problem. In the years after, I was honoured to work with the team at Socast to strengthen our brands via social media, website and the host of other tools. I found that brothers, Elliot and Sandy, along with others that I worked with including Eric Eisen and Sanford Lui, were excited about those who were in radio. In this week’s episode, I speak with Socast CEO Elliott Hurst about why his company LOVES radio and how your station needs to shift into the digital world. If your station is interested in getting a digital strategy, contact Elliott at 1-416-635-6678. Or email This episode is powered by Promosuite - check them out here. Take our audience survey.

September 01, 2017

Jamie Watson is Voice Boy

Jamie Watson is more than a station voice. He works with imaging producers, program directors, and morning shows. He started writing and voicing commercials, and parlayed those talents into becoming a leading voice for radio imaging, commercials and cartoons. In this episode, Jamie tells us about the writing and voicing process, and the importance of creating a promo that isn't going to waste the listeners time. I had the joy of working with Jamie for a number of years and over that time, I quickly learned the value of writing strong promos. This episode is brought to you by Promosuite Next! To contact Jamie to be apart of your radio station - Take our audience survey.

August 29, 2017

When Broadcaster Matt Met Podcaster Matt

Matt Sutton worked with me in 2013 and 2014. On my trip home from Podcast Movement, we went to lunch.... and made a podcast at the same time. Matt Sutton is the afternoon host at Z95 in Vancouver. I got off the play just before 11am and we went to hit the Wicklow Pub where I pulled out my recorder and announced we were going to be doing a podcast. He didn't think it was for real. It was. We spent our time talking about the positives, perils and pitfalls of both broadcast and podcast. The podcast is sponsored by Promosuite. Feel free to take our survey -

August 23, 2017

Live from Podcast Movement 2017

We wander the halls of Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim. I provide a few takeaways of things I have learned so far, plus catch up with some of the notables who have been on our podcast before, or are starting a new podcast shortly. I was speaking on a panel this year at the Jacob's Media sponsored, "Broadcaster Meet Podcaster" event. Radio had it's biggest turnout so far, and by all accounts are slowly find a place for podcast in the radio radio toolbox. Some of the people you will meet in this episode include: Perry Michael Simon from - his new podcast is on Apple Podcasts and located here. Amber DelaGarza is the host of Productivity Straight Talk. Her new podcast is here. (By the way, that's Matt Cundill providing the voiceover) And Jessica Rhodes is one of the host's of Podcast Producers along with Corey Coates from Podfly, and she is the owner in - Jessica updates us on her progress since she appeared on Episode 6.

August 12, 2017

Peter Anthony Holder's Great Conversations

Peter Anthony Holder has interviewed a lot of people. From the famous to the quirky, his weekly show "The Stuph File" is syndicated on radio stations around the world and delivered in podcast form every Sunday night. Peter has a new book out now called "Great Conversations: My Interviews with Two Men on the Moon and a Galaxy of Stars." He picked up his interview craft working in radio at Montreal's CJAD. The show later was simulcast on CFRB Toronto before layoffs pushed the show to further syndication and podcast. Being a multi-platform form at 56-58 minutes, it fits nicely onto a radio station with a talk format late at night. To buy his book - To inquire about acquiring the show to air on your talk station - email This week's show is powered by Promosuite! Please support our sponsor simply by clicking on the link and seeing if their products would make life at your radio station easier. Finally, part of this interview is also a part of his show this week. Which means we are making our terrestrial radio debut on some of the stations that air the Stuph File.

August 06, 2017

Rob Greenlee of Spreaker Speaks Podcast Truth

Rob Greenlee is the Head of Content at Spreaker. Recently, I spoke with him on a panel at the Conclave Radio Learning Conference in Minneapolis. At the end of the session, the moderator and panelists all felt we had a few more things we could have gotten to if time had permitted. No worries. That's what podcast is for! Rob and I spoke about some of the things radio does well with podcast, and some of the things they don't do well. We catch up with some of the podcast headlines that have dominated over the past few months, including Apple releasing metrics, Soundcloud's woes, and whether Spotify is a contender or pretender in podcast. I also invite the program director of 93X, Derek Madden and his podcast co-host from KCBS Matt Kolski to talk about their podcast, The Toy Department. This is one of many podcasts "Made by Radio". More have been posted here. The podcast episode this week is brought to you by NLogic

July 28, 2017

Dahlia Kurtz is Unorthodox and Unconventional

Dahlia Kurtz does not do things conventionally. She has worked in radio, written a national newspaper column, nearly went to the Olympics, and spent her first day in radio under water. And she lived to tell me about it. We worked together for a period when she was at 680 CJOB in Winnipeg and I felt the need to catch up with her. The link to her demo: Her full webpage is here - This episode is brought to you by NLogic and their new cloud based application Lens for radio.

July 24, 2017

Alan Burns Answers My Burning Questions

Alan Burns has been consulting radio stations since the mid 80's, and knows a thing or two about change. His company Alan Burns and Associates has had long standing relationships with some of the biggest brands across North America. His company is well known for their "What Women Want" research which always creates more than one a-ha moment upon reveal. Now comes word that headphone listening is more pervasive than ever, which should sound more than a few alarm bells for radio stations who rely on PPM for their results. We discuss that and more. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Promosuite -

July 07, 2017

Ira Haberman on How Digital Changed Radio

Ira Haberman is the host of the Sound Podcast and passionate about storytelling, and the Grateful Dead. Put it together, and that's a podcast. He has hosted the Sound Podcast since December, but its success has radio roots as he was working as creative director for Corus Entertainment's Deep Sky in Toronto in 2003, and segued to digital content in 2008, right when it all began to happen. We look back at the last 9 years of how digital has changed radio, what it has done right and wrong, and what the future looks like. If you are on the fence about your great idea - Ira will push you off it and get you going. (I think he actually gives you permission to do it) If you want to contact Ira to work with your new podcast or get some social media help, he is on every platform known to the internet - and through the podcast website. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Promosuite -

July 04, 2017

Tootall's 40 Years at CHOM 97.7

The legendary Tootall from CHOM 97.7FM in Montreal.

June 28, 2017

Dave Farough's Great Ideas for Radio

Dave Farough has a lot of ideas about radio. Today he published some of those ideas on his LinkedIn page entitled "If I Had a clean Sheet of Paper" and I asked them if I could add them to my page - and then the only thing that was missing, was the companion podcast. On this Canada Day in 2017, we spent our time talking about radio and tossing out ideas that could move it forward. So of these ideas aren’t new - but they also haven’t been tried yet. This episode is why I started the podcast: To table new ideas about what radio could be. If you want to contact Dave to work with your stations, e-mail him at This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Promosuite - - Finally - take our survey for the podcast here. At the beginning of the show, you heard part of the new single from Skye Holland called, "We Could Be". Download it and bring it to your next music meeting.

June 14, 2017

Broadcaster Meet Podcaster with Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs is the president of Jacobs Media. Their tech surveys have become increasingly important as we progress through the digital revolution. The survey itself undergoes changes with the inclusion of new questions about personal assistant devices like Alexa. Which brings me to Podcast itself. Jacobs Media went all-in on podcasting a few years ago and I met up with Fred Jacobs and Seth Resler at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago. This year they have partnered with the Podcast Movement Organizers to create Broadcaster meet Podcaster. You can read more about this exciting opportunity here. If you do wind up going to the conference in Anaheim August 23-25, please let me know so we can meet for a coffee or any of the other fine beverages served in the lobby bar. Of great interest to all radio people is this webinar that shows the relationship radio listeners have with podcasting. The webinar was done by Fred on June 15th and you can watch it now here. This episode is brought to you by NLogic and their new cloud based application Lens for radio. Please rate and review the podcast as it helps others find it. At the beginning of the show, you heard part of the new single from Skye Holland called, "We Could Be". Download it and bring it to your next music meeting.

June 11, 2017

X Years of X92.9 Calgary

Matt Speaks with Christian Hall, Program Director of X92.9 in Calgary

June 07, 2017

Mapping Radio's Future

This week, I look back on the last few episodes and provide some lingering thoughts. Special appearances and re-appearances from Georgia Beasley and Jeff Vidler. In this episode: * I make reference to Larry Gifford's insightful conversation with Jeff Vidler which you can listen to here: * If you are talent and looking for new on air opportunities, please send your resume and demo to This episode is brought to you by NLogic and their new cloud based application Lens for radio.

May 28, 2017

Larry Rosin, Edison Research on Canada's Audio Landscape

If you don't tell your story, someone is going to tell it for you; which is why we have Radio Connects. They speak to advertisers and agencies on behalf of 540 stations in Canada. Today we provide a little background on what they do for Canadian radio. Radio Connects has commissioned a Share of Ear Study for Canada – aptly called "The Canadian Audio Landscape Study". The results show that radio is slightly stronger in Canada than in the United States - for interesting reasons. And it also tells a story about our relationship with streaming and podcast. This Episode is brought to you by Promosuite and the new cloud based paperless studio stystem - Promosuite Next. Speaking of surveys - take ours here.

May 23, 2017

The Millennials - Georgia Beasley, Beasley Media Group

Georgia Beasley has penned 2 articles for Radio Ink magazine called, "My Life as a Radio Millennial". The podcast was in the midst of assembling an episode on the Millennials coming of age now that they occupy a whole key ad-buying demo to themselves. (Adults 25-34) We speak to Georgia Beasley, Digital Sales Director for Beasley Media Group. Other contributions from Matt Abra who attended #NAB2017 in LasVegas in April, and Rebecca Henderson who provided us with a review of the new Radio Player Canada App. This episode is brought to you by NLogic and their new cloud based application Lens for radio.

May 20, 2017

Broadway Bill Lee - Coast to Coast, Post to Post

Broadway Bill Lee is one of the reasons I fell in love with radio. In the late 80's I would watch Vuolo Video airchecks and Bill stood out amongst the crowd. Fast forward to the digital era and Bill is still entertaining people on multiple social media platforms with his unique song intros that make him one of a kind. His afternoon show on the legendary WCBS-FM is top rated because of the hard work he puts into the show, and the great programming team at the station. Yes, it's a trip down memory lane at times, but if you want to work for 5 decades in radio, you had better be able to rebrand yourself. (We talk about that) The podcast is brought to you by Promosuite and their new cloud based paperless studio. We wanted to have Rocco from Promosuite on the show to talk about his time with Bill Lee at Hot 97, but alas... he had laryngitis. Visit the website - it will make him feel better.

May 12, 2017

Pat Holiday's Great Case for Radio

Pat Holiday has spent 9 years away from work inside a physical radi station. In that time he has seen that its issues remain the same and there is both good and bad in that. He moderated the Broadcast Leadership panel "Like a Boss" at Canadian Music Week and did not serve up any softballs, but he did admit to leaving a few fast balls on the table. From his iconic beginnings at the Big 8 at CKLW in Detroit, to working in three Canadian cities in management, Pat has a knack for taking a market's temperature and reflecting it in the radio station he champions. He readily admits that radio has changed but things are not as bad as they seem, and radio is perhaps fixing the product at the wrong end. Update 2021: Pat has started a Program Director's course. Subscribe to it here on Youtube! It is really good. My thanks to Karen Steele at Virgin Radio in Kitchener for the show idea. Other notable credits include Matt Abra from Red River College who edited the episode, and Lauren Siddall who heads up the Social Media and Digital side of things here at the podcast. If you enjoy this episode, please take a moment to rate and review it.

April 26, 2017

David Phillips' Data Perspectives

David Phillips is the President and COO of NLogic, His discussions on data and surveys have been well received at media conferences, which spurned my interest in bringing David onto the podcast last fall. The timing was right this spring with the recent upgrades to the Lens product. His perspective is unique and refreshing; it will leave radio people wondering why we behave and think the way we do. I have spent nearly 30 years in radio through 100+ rating books and will be look at data differently after my conversation with David. You will too. His company just unveiled some program additions to NLogic's Lens, which has always been about what clients need, not what they thought the clients needed. If you would like to use Lens, you can click here. This episode is brought to you by Promosuite and the new cloud based Promosuite Next. Try it for yourself at Finally, it is budget time at many stations. One way you can support the podcast is to consider using the services of one of our clients on your station. Maybe it's showprep with Radio Imaging with Core Image studios